542.00 Quality

. . . then, if we are not able to hunt the Good with one idea
only, with three we may catch our prey: Beauty, Symmetry,
Truth are the three....
--Plato, Philebus
542.01 This triadic concept is exclusively planar__ergo, nonexistent. What is inadvertently omitted is the observer of the planar triad, whose observer position marks the fourth corner of the tetrahedron, the minimum system.

Fig. 542.02
542.02 The observer-plus-the-observed, Beauty, Symmetry, and Truth are the four unique system-defining characteristics. It is possible that Plato might have approved a systematic reordering of his statement to read: The observer (as a truth) observing three other truths constitutes a system whose macro-micro-Universe-differentiating capability displays inherent symmetry and beauty__symmetry of four vertexes subtending four faces and symmetry of any two opposite pairs of its six edges precessionally subtending one another, together with the beauty of accomplishing such symmetry and Universe- differentiating with the minimum of structural system interrelationships. (See Fig. 542.02.)
542.03 The qualitative interrelationships of this beautiful and symmetrical system are expressed in the generalized formula
N =N2 - N
in which N = 4, the number of vertexes of the minimum system constituting the tetrahedron; wherefore
42 = 16, 16 - 4 = 12, 12/2 = 6.
Six is the set of the uniquely symmetrical interrelationships of the minimum system.
542.04 Beauty and symmetry are inherent and make superficially "good" the three additional interrelationships: thankfulness, maximum economy, and wisdom. They also make "good" all the remaining cases on balance__the 32 cases (Sec. 1044) of all the simplest cosmically conceptual and structurally realizable systems of Universe.
542.05 Is there a qualitative systems attribute? Can special case system events and characteristics be appraised qualitatively? My answer is that you and I are always off- center. All special case realizations of generalized principles are always aberrated realizations. Since there is no simultaneity, there is always realization lag. Consciousness is aberration. But the lags are always accompanied by experientially evolved inventions of more efficient operational means of decreasing the magnitude of tolerated errors__i.e., off-center aberrations.
542.06 Evolutingly we always acquire the means to come closer to the truth, but in all special-case temporality and its asymmetric resonance we can never reach statically concentric congruence with truth.
542.07 Quality describes the relative proximity__concentrically attained__of absolute congruence with convergently directioned, dimensionless truth.

543.00 Reality and Inexactitude

543.01 Reality is the special case, episodic, high-frequency recall of like experiences within our individual scenario lives. Reality is nothing but highfrequency recurrence of the awareness of a dominant generalized principle remanifesting itself in our special case awareness sequences.
543.02 The cognitive is self-startered by mind's outer-rampart-guardian intuition and by mind's aesthetic delicacy of tolerance of pro tem imperfection. The intellect differentiates the reactions and discernments of our sense apprehending. The intellect- invented differentiations become operative when the high frequency of unrecognized events accelerates in pure principle to thicken up as do storm clouds: "Something's about to happen.... Now it's happening. "
543.03 What you and I call matter are the high-frequency recurrences of interprinciple, interangular-action accommodations . . . the deflectings . . . the thickenings . . . sometimes intensifying to hurt or bang!
543.04 The cyclic timing of our only-apparently continuous sight__as photoframes__differs greatly from the cyclic timing of our other senses, each of which has its separate harmonic ranges and velocities (Sec. 801.09).
543.05 The apprehending of reality is a mind function. Reality = inexactitude.
543.10 Local and Cosmic Exactitude
543.11 Metaphysical principles are absolutely exact, absolutely inelastic, and absolutely intolerant of error: these are the generalized principles. Despite elegant mathematical expression, they may never be exactly defined by their human mind discoverers. (At Sec. 986.702 we see Einstein's once seemingly perfect equation E =Mc2 having to be improved to read E = 2V2 , as vectorial expression of the T Module and E Module relationships__the vectors being a more economical expression of the product of mass and velocity.)
543.12 But there exists a plurality of such non-positionally-realized but eternally coexistent generalized principles whose integrated relative degree of relevance to any one episode or event of the individual's experience scenario is inherently inexact. These inexact events are always special case effects of the momentary integration of a plurality of generalized principles.
543.13 The wave-frequency characteristics of energy (either seemingly disassociative as radiation or seemingly associative as matter) are propagated by the elasticity of the mind's tolerance of the inexactitude-shrouded but nonetheless-recognized generalized principle. In complex social phenomena, we speak of this tolerance as love, which spontaneously forgives, allows, or tolerates outright macro-error or micro-deviation from exquisite exactitude.
543.14 The realities of you and I are typical special cases of the infinity of inexactitudes of the individual cognition lags and re-cognitions of the generalized integral of all generalized principles__love.
543.15 It was only the recall of the total of all the love that I had known in my childhood that turned around my determination in 1927 to throw myself away and instead to employ the throwaway-self toward repaying all lives for my unforgettable experiencings of the infinite tolerance of love as it had embraced and permeated (both) my infant, childhood, and juvenile years. My commitment to this repayment in turn led to the discovery of the cumulative total of loving understanding of all humanity in all time as ever regenerated in parents and grandparents for all its children and by the ever regenerative tolerance of children for parents.
543.20 Gravity and Love
543.21 The scientific word for the integral of all the special case realizations of gravity is love.
543.22 Love is the integral of gravity and radiation. Energy as either radiation or matter is the summa frequency, local-in-Universe, aberrational palpitation of comprehensive gravity embracement. Energy manifests itself as the palpitating, gravity- tolerated, aberrational pulsings-through of the plurality of exact centers of pure principles. This plurality of principles, being inherently different one from the other, have ever- varying interdomain proximities that produce varying push-pulls of the plurality of generalized principles influencing the locally-tuned-in event, which proximity variations depend on which set of principles are most informationally relevant in comprehending both the local and cosmic significance of any given local experience event.
543.23 All the foregoing abets our comprehension of the truth toward which all experience leads__to the truth that the physical is only a misapprehension of the metaphysical and that the reality is absolutely truthful love.
543.24 There is only the metaphysical. The physical can never be only- because it is only partially experienceable and think-aboutable.
543.25 It is the love-gravity toleration of high-frequency-recurrent aberrations from any one absolute principle's exact center, along with the varying yielding toward other centers, that permits those from-time-to-time, love-intellect-mind-intuited discoveries of the mathematical variation rates of interrelationship changes evolutionarily existing between the nondimensional plurality of pure principles. This infinitely regenerated and loving comprehension breeds realizations of the infinitude of intercombining the plurality of principles, which infinitude of realizations and complex interrelationships of variable- relevance tolerance effects altogether constitute both the over-all theme and the separate, unique, individual experience episodes of any one life at any one time. (Compare Secs.541.18 and 1005.20.)

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