360.00 Universe: System: Conceptuality: Structure

361.00 Universe itself is simultaneously unthinkable. You cannot think about the Universe sum-totally except as a scenario. Therefore, for further examination and comprehension, you need a thinkable set, or first subdivision of Universe, into systems.
362.00 Our original definition of Universe is a finite but nonsimultaneously occurring aggregate of all human experiences, which is, therefore, a nonconceptual total Universe. It is logical to proceed from this definition to discover the patterning characteristics of the first conceptual subdivision of Universe into a structural system. After we subdivide Universe into systems, we will make further reductions into basic event experiences and to quantum units. We will then come to the realization that all structuring can be identified in terms of tetrahedra and of topology. (See Sec. 603.01.)
363.00 The Principle of Synergetic Advantage requires at we proceed from macro to micro. Definition requires conceptuality. Conceptuality requires the generalization of patterns gleaned from special-case experiences. Systems are geometrically definable. Self- stabilizing systems are structures. Conceptuality defines the basic event experiences and quantum unit measurement, which altogether constitute structure. The complex of event sequences is most often characterized by overlappings. A man is born, grows up, has children and grandchildren. His life overlaps that of his grandfather and father and that of his children and grandchildren. But his grandfather’s life did not overlap his children’s nor his grandchildren’s lives. Hence, partially overlapping. Apparently, man matches the Universe in displaying the same relative abundance of the 92 self- regenerative chemical elements. Whether communication is by telephone hook-up or by wireless radio, what you and I transmit is only weightless metaphysical information. Metaphysical, information appreciative, you and I are not the telephones nor the wired or wireless means of the metaphysical information transmitting.

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