330.00 Universe as Minimum Perpetual Motion Machine

331.00 The physical Universe is a machine. In fact, Universe is the minimum and only perpetual motion machine. Universe is the minimum as well as the maximum closed system of omni-interacting, precessionally transforming, complementary transactions of synergetic regeneration.
332.00 Universe is finite. Local systems are de-finite. Local perpetual motion machines are impossible since Universe is the minimum regenerative set of perpetually intercomplementary, transformative functioning.
333.00 There is a minimum set of patterns, which is a consequence of one set of patterns reacting with another set of patterns. In order to have a monkey wrench, you also have to make one or buy one at a store, you have to have other things, and these procurements in turn have antecedent event requirements. Each event of Universe leads back to all the great complex of events, and we get then to a minimum set of complementary events whereby the system regenerates itself, and we thus come to Universe. This tends to be a clearly defined inventory of relative abundance of the various chemical element patterns in Universe which needs a large amount of the pattern hydrogen while apparently not as much of the pattern uranium.
334.00 The significance of Einsteinís electromagnetic radiationís top speed unfettered in vacuo is that there is a cosmic limit accommodation point of complete regeneration by which our Universe is the only and minimum perpetually self-regenerative system. It is a self-regenerative Universe of fantastic complexities and design of great integrity in which the sum total of running through the total film takes hundreds of billions of years before it accomplishes its remotest re-wow.

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